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Silent Night 
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Christmas, Navidad,  Christmas, Weihnachten,  Boże Narodzenie, this word  retains all its magic in whatever language it is pronounced and over the centuries,  it has inspired much music, popular or learned, sung in vast cathedrals, modest chapels or in the family circle. They provided and still provide  to a multitude of listeners unique emotions, the feeling of renewal and the happiness of sharing.

For Col Canto, the  repertoire linked to the Nativity has been, since its inception, the occasion for particularly warm encounters with the public. This album, carried with enthusiasm by the singers, is a natural extension.



1. Carol of the bells (Peter J. Wilhousky (arr.) / Mykola Leontovich)
2. New Christmas (arr. : Allan Mottram)
3. Joy to the world (I. Watts/GF Handel, arr. : Lowell Mason)

4. Oy v Yerusalimi (arr. : Ya. M. Yatsynevich)

5. Wsrod nocnej ciszy (J. Swider)

6. Ave maris stella (Milosz Bembinow)

7. Carol Medley (arr. : Jonathan Rathbone)

8. Ding, dong, merrily on high (GR Woodward/T. Arbeau, arr. : Allan Mottram)

9. Duh tvoj blagij (Pavel Chesnokov)

10. Silent night (Franz Grüber/Josef Mohr, arr. : J. Rutter) 

11. The stars look down (C. Townsend Brady/A. Leffingwell)

12. Christmas Eve (JB Debousset)

13. There is no Rose (Allan Mottram)

14. A Medley for Christmas (arr. : Allan Mottram)

15. Lulajże Jezuniu (arr. : J. Swider)

16. White christmas (Irving Berlin)

17. La viene la vieja (arr. : ML Mazur) 

18. Lully, Lulla, Lullay (PW Stopford)   (extract on home page)



More than €2,500 in donations collected for this €8,000 project!



Since the creation of the ensemble, Col Canto has forged a musical and human identity. Each year, the Christmas concerts are the highlights of its artistic season.

For its fifteenth year of existence, Col Canto has recorded a second album dedicated to Christmas.

This album is not intended to be yet another CD from the repertoire as we find many on the market. The Ensemble has therefore taken care to select original works from different European countries. He called on a composer to arrange a few pieces and looked for the most beautiful versions of the repertoire for these end-of-year celebrations.


We asked for a call for donations from our public, which allowed us to collect more than €2,500 out of the €8,000 needed for this ambitious project. The Vocal Ensemble warmly thanks all the people who have given their support (financial, material or logistical) to this project. 





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