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Noël, Navidad,  Christmas, Weihnachten,  Boże Narodzenie, the word has retained its magic, regardless of the language in which it is pronounced, across the centuries. It has inspired so much music, whether popular high-brow, sung in vast cathedrals , lowly chapels or in the family circle. For the multitudes of listeners, Christmas music has created, and still creates today, unique emotions feelings of new beginnings and the pleasure of sharing.

Right from Col Canto’s beginnings, the repertoire associated with the Nativity has provided particularly warm encounters with its audiences. Created with enormous pleasure by the singers, this album is a natural extension of these annual encounters.



1. Carol of the bells (Peter J. Wilhousky (arr.) / Mykola Leontovich)
2. Noël nouvelet (arr. : Allan Mottram)
3. Joy to the world (I. Watts/G.F. Handel, arr. : Lowell Mason)

4. Oy v Yerusalimi (arr. : Ya. M. Yatsynevich)

5. Wsrod nocnej ciszy (J. Swider)

6. Ave maris stella (Milosz Bembinow)

7. Carol medley (arr. : Jonathan Rathbone)

8. Ding, dong, merrily on high (G.R. Woodward/T. Arbeau, arr. : Allan Mottram)

9. Duh tvoj blagij (Pavel Chesnokov)

10. Silent night (Franz Grüber/Josef Mohr, arr. : J. Rutter) 

11. The stars look down (C. Townsend Brady/A. Leffingwell)

12. La nuit de Noël (J.B. Debousset)

13. There is no Rose (Allan Mottram)

14. Un medley pour Noël (arr. : Allan Mottram)

15. Lulajże Jezuniu (arr. : J. Swider)

16. White christmas (Irving Berlin)

17. La viene la vieja (arr. : M. L. Mazur) 

18. Lully, Lulla, Lullay (P. W. Stopford)  (extrait en page d'accueil)



In excess of 2500 € have been donated to date to help fund this 8000 € projet !



Since its inception, Col Canto has created for itself an identity defined in both musical and human terms. Each year, the Christmas concerts provide the high-point of the artistic season.

To mark its 15th year, Col Canto has recorded a second album, this time devoted to Christmas.

This is not intended as yet another Christmas CD like so many one can buy. The Ensemble has been at pains to select original works from across several European counties. Help was solicited from a composer in creating special arrangements of some pieces and the Ensemble sought out some of the most beautiful versions of the repertoire which so characterises the Festive Season.

We have made a request for financial aid from our supporters, a request which has already enabled us to amass more than 2500 € of the 8000 € required to bring this ambitious project to fruition. The Vocal Ensemble thanks most warmly all those who have provided help with this project, financial, material or logistic. 

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